About My Business

Home crafted doggie items

At D&S Bespoke Dog Coats and Accessories, I make dog coats to order with the embroidery of your choice, including wording, pictures, and patterns. I also embroider tea towels, towels, bags, and more gifts items for all animal lovers. Everything is completely original, just ask for more details. If you would like ...

My Designs

I boast a wide range of designs and objects for my customers to choose from. Most of my pieces feature great colours; some also have artistic inscriptions, making each one unique. I can help my clients and customers come to a decision by showing them catalogues of my work where they can choose an idea of what ...

My Products & Supplies

I have a full range of products fully directed to your pet’s needs such as several types of leads, collars, coats, toys, and many more items. Every single one of my products is handmade by me, so you can be certain that you will be getting quality supplies for your pets.

Why Choose Me?

  • Family-owned
  • Handcrafted