Dog Coats

Dog Coats

union jack pink

A single fleece pink union jack for the girls .
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From £9.99

Dachshund style Coats

These beautiful double fleeced coats are idea …
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From £8.99

shower proof coats

Shower proof coats are great for any dog to keep …
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From £10.99

single fleece coats

single fleece coats.  ideal for keeping our …
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From £8.99

union jack single fleece coats

Single fleece union jack coat . have a velcro …
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From £9.99

Double fleece coats with harness hole

Double fleece coats are both warm and cosy ,and …
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From £9.99

Waterproof Dog Coats

these are water proof dog coats in standard …
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embroidered dog collars


the embroidered dog collars are a great alternative to tags as so many tags get worn and lost.

on the collars you can have your postcode , house number and phone no these are 25mm wide and very strong with a strong D ring for your lead 

come in over 12 colours 

embroidered dog leads


the embroidered leads can have any meassage on you like 

eg in training

do not touch 


give me space 

service dog 



assistance dog 

and many many more you can personalise

tote bags


these can be many to order in many colours and designs 

idea for breeders for puppies packs 

dog walking bags


again i can personalise these with you dogs name or just to read ball treats lead 

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